Thursday, December 17, 2015

2016 Quilt Show-Vendor Information

Sisters Quilting Collective

SQC Vendor Information 
 “Quilts of Many Colors” Quilt Show

March 19th and 20th, 2016

On or before January 15, 2016 to complete the Vendor/Exhibitor’s Information page and pay the appropriate fee.  Checks should be payable to:

Mail to:
Sisters Quilting Collective
Attention: Vendor Application
P.O. Box 5486
Sacramento, CA  95817-0486
 65.00 for both days
To stay within the space allotted for my booth.
Table cloths must be furnished by the vendor.
All displays must be placed on tables within space allotted.
Excess merchandise and boxes must be stored out of sight.

6.    Each vendor will be asked to provide a gift for the raffle drawing.

I have read and agree to abide by all of the guidelines for participating in the Sisters Quilting Collective “Quilts of Many Colors” quilt show.  I understand that SQC reserves the right to ask any vendor to leave the premises if she/he breaks a City Ordinance and/or guidelines of SQC.

Vendor shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless SQC, the Oak Park Community Center, and the City of Sacramento, their officers, agents or employees, from and against any and all liability.  Loss, expense, attorney’s fees, or claim for injury or damages arising out of the performance of the Agreement but only in proportion to and the extent such liability, loss, expense, attorney’s fee or claims for injury or damages are caused by or result from the negligent or intentional act or omissions of vendor, his/her officers, agents or employees.  

Space is available in the form of one six (6) foot long table and two (2) chairs. Vendors may bring up to two additional chairs,

Vendors must carry their own liability insurance and Seller’s Permit. There is ample parking, loading and unloading spaces.

To apply please return the attached vendor information along with payment by check or money order, payable ($65.00)  to: Sisters Quilting Collective, (SQC) P.O. Box 5486, Sacramento, California 95817-0486.

Please print clearly

Business Name:

Seller’s Permit #:





Contact Person:


Type of Vendor:

# of Spaces:



We look forward to your participation in the “Quilts of Many Colors” 2016 Quilt Show.

For additional information please contact:  Nadie Savage @ 916-968-5984.

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