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Open Call for African American Quilt Artists for 3rd Annual Quilt Exhibit, February 1st through February 15th 2014

3rd Annual Quilt Exhibit, February 1st through February 15th 2014

 “Our Stories in Quilts”

Quilts That Are Inspired By the Stories in Our Lives"

The “Sisters Quilting Collective” is seeking African American quilt artists of the African Diaspora for its 3rd annual quilt exhibit, in celebration of Black History Month, February 2014. The exhibit will be held at the historical Brickhouse Art Gallery in Sacramento California. The theme for this year’s exhibit is “Our Stories in Quilts”, “Quilts That Are Inspired by the Stories in Our Lives”.

Overview: This will be a 15 day exhibit. All accepted quilts are expected to remain for the entire exhibit which will begin on Friday, February 1st, 2014 and end Saturday, February 15th, 2014.

Eligibility: Quilts must be constructed by the person or persons named on the “Artist Statement.” Quilts previously exhibited at the Brickhouse Gallery are not eligible. Accepted quilts cannot be sold prior to the end of the exhibit. Once quilt is accepted by the selection committee, substitutions are not allowed. The maximum size for quilt entries is 63”x71”.

Quilt Entry Submission: Please email 2 high resolution jpegs (300 ppi) at least 6” (1800 pixels) on the longest side or mail 2-8x10 photo images, of each quilt for consideration, along with a brief description or comments of interest regarding your quilt (25 words or less). Images may be used by Sisters Quilting Collective and/or the Brickhouse Gallery for public relations. Please email jpeg submissions to:

Entry Fee: A non-refundable $25.00 fee for each accepted quilt submitted. Please do not send fees until after you receive notification of acceptance. Fee is payable by check or money order made out to: Sisters Quilting Collective. Mail fees to: P.O. Box 5486, Sacramento, CA 95817: “Attention Quilt Exhibit”. Fees may also be paid online with a credit or debit card via Paypal. See Paypal registration information on the Sisters Quilting Collective blog site:  Please note SQC's Paypal will be operational by Sept. 15, 2013.

Confirmation of accepted quilts will be sent by email or letter within 7 days after the deadline. For more info contact: Faye Wilson Kennedy at 916-484-5025 or Gloria Grandy at 916-410-9082 or,

Accepted Quilts: All quilts that are accepted should be free of pet hair and smoke odors. Quilts must be ready for presentation. A four inch hanging sleeve and identifying label (artist’s name, title of quilt, and price) must be attached. Sisters Quilting Collective reserves the right to refuse entries that do not meet this criterion or are misrepresented by the photos and digital images.

Quilt Return Shipping: The artist is responsible for paying for return shipping if the quilt does not sell. Return shipping can be paid via credit card or shipped on the artist’s shipping account number (FedEx, UPS). The artist may provide a FedEx or UPS shipping label with the quilts to facilitate return. Please include two (2) prepared return shipping labels. Labels should also dictate which shipping method you use. Please use well labeled packaging that can be re-used for return shipping.
Sales and Liability: If quilt entries are not available for sale and are for exhibit only, please indicate this on the entry form. All accepted quilts will be handled with professional care and every precaution will be taken to protect your quilt. Neither the Brickhouse Gallery nor the Sisters Quilting Collective is responsible for loss or damage of quilt prior to receipt of quilt or after return shipping of quilt. The artist is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs to and from the exhibition. Complete shipping instructions will be included with notification of acceptance.

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail: ___________________________________________Cell: ______________________________________
I agree to pay a $25.00 Entry Fee upon receipt of acceptance notification: ____________________________
Quilt is not for sale, for exhibit only, check here: _____________
Deadline for submission (postmark) is December 1, 2013. Please mail completed application, photos and fees to: Sisters Quilting Collective, “Attention Quilt Exhibit”, and P.O. Box 5486, Sacramento, CA 95817
Artist’s Statement: (25 words or less)

Please attach photos of quilts to this application.
Key Dates and Information:
Would you like to give a presentation about your quilt? _______Yes_______No
Submission deadline (postmarked) December 1, 2013
Notification sent out by: December 8, 2013
Quilts are due at the Brickhouse Gallery the week of January 13th through January 18th, 2014
The Brickhouse Gallery is located at: 2837 36th St & Broadway, Sacramento CA, 95817, 916-475-1240.
Opening reception: February 1, 2014
Exhibition dates: February 1st through February 15th
Closing reception: February 15th
Pick up of quilts: February 15th at 8pm

Quilt return shipping begins: February 17th to February 21st

Thank you

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